What Happens To The Native Wildlife After Mountaintop Removal

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The esthetic degradation caused by mountaintop removal is obvious to even the casual observer. Removal is also an ecological disaster for the native animals, birds and fish that live in areas devastated by the process.

Thanks to weakened environmental laws in the last few decades, the pace of mountaintop removal has rapidly accelerated. Mining companies are allowed to dump their debris in nearby valleys. This severely impacts or destroys the natural flow of water. Not only are aquatic species killed, but also those who remain are exposed to high levels of selenium and other toxic substances contained in the Read the rest of this entry »

Short Term Profit Versus Long Term Profit In Mining

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In many ways, mining seems like a relatively simple industry. Technological changes have an impact on the industry, but the basics of mining have stayed the same for hundreds of years. However, those performing financial calculations for mining companies need to consider long-term versus short-term revenue and how to maximize both. Here are some of the ways that long-term and short-term income differ in the mining industry.

Short-term income generally refers to the items what are currently bringing to the surface. While Read the rest of this entry »

Calculating The Damage Done By Strip Mining Efforts

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Strip mining, mountaintop removal and other large scale industrial projects can cause immense damage to not just their surrounding environments, but the ecosystems and wider regional environment they may be part of. Assessing the damage done by past operations and detailing the environmental toll they have taken can be an important step towards drafting new regulations and laws that will be able to better protect the natural environment. Failing to arrest the damage that industrial mining operations are causing could be Read the rest of this entry »

How Many Companies Are Involved In Mountaintop Removal?

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Shaving off a mountaintop begins with everyone who is connected to a coal-powered energy source. That would include you and me, our local grocers, the doctor’s office, schools everyone plugged into that source. As more coal is needed, mining companies send their mineral engineers out to find more deposits. It hardly seems fair to count a mining company as first on the list, after the rest of us have tapped in.

Once the engineers have decided where to dig, there are real estate and land-access companies involved. Local Read the rest of this entry »

The Impossibility Of Repairing The Damage From Mountaintop Removal

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Mountaintop removal mining, also known as MTM, is the process by which the summit of the mountain is removed in order to access coal seams beneath the surface of the Earth. This soil, or overburden, and toxic mining byproducts are usually dumped in neighboring valleys. MTM has been noted for its adverse effects on both human health and on its impact on the environment.

When it comes to MTM, the environment suffers the worst of the damage. The deciduous forests and diverse ecosystems that are found on the mountains are completely Read the rest of this entry »

There Is No Such Thing As Clean Coal

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Coal pollution is the leading cause of environmental damage today. People within the coal mining industry have tried to convince the public in recent years that coal mining can be done more efficiently, thereby lessening the carbon footprint. The truth is, however, that there is no such thing as clean coal.

Topical Damage To The Earth
Coal mining visibly pollutes the Earth and alters the natural order of things. Plant and soil are never the same after mining for coal as these areas are where the majority of coal mining occurs. Topsoil is damaged Read the rest of this entry »